The Swedish Banana

After realizing that Cabrera maybe was a little too much on the countryside for me to handle, I started to make the best of the situation in the city. Little A still wasn’t sleeping all that well, but he had started to play a lot with his cousin Amis (this is not her name but what he called her). My father in law had gone back to Sweden, but his youngest sister Kismari – who had become a friend of mine on my last trip –  and her 8 year old daughter was living with us. This really made Amis cousin to my husband P, but the age difference just made us all call the little ones cousins. Kismari had naturally spent most of her time with her brother, but now that we had more time (especially with P working a lot writing articles) we started to spend it together. Little A looked up to Amis like a sister, and if he could have it his way they would spend all day long together.  He loved going into her room just to cuddle, or we’d find them watching TV or playing together. Kismari taught me to use the gas stove, and showed me around the neighborhood.

Brisas del Río
Brisas del Río

Three different cars selling some type of food would regularly make a stop in the neighborhood.  Little A’s favorite was the ice cream truck, of course – which for some weird reason played a very annoying version  of “Wake me up before you go-go”. One sold vegetables and potatoes, and the other one sold fruit.

One of the trucks
One of the trucks

Kismari had bought several guineos – bananas – and right before I was about to give the kids a few as a snack I saw the label – KRAV. I asked Kismari where she had bought it and she answered the truck, as usual. I couldn’t help but laugh KRAV is Swedish and well known for their organic labeling. How a banana meant to be shipped to Sweden ended up in my kitchen in the DR still baffles me.

A banana labeled KRAV - a Swedish organic label
A banana labeled KRAV – a Swedish organic label

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