Going to the hospital

Amis, Little A and Mr P walking to the new hospital on Av. Charles de Gaulle
Amis, Little A and Mr P walking to the new hospital on Av. Charles de Gaulle

As a new family in a new country – or on your way there – a big concern is going to the hospital. And we had our share of going to the hospital in the DR. In many cases I would prefer going to the doctor there (both of us adults and our toddler) than in Sweden. We bought private insurance for the three of us, which of course let us into the nicer hospitals.

The time Little A fainted from dehydration we took him to the closest clinic in Santo Domingo Este – Centro Medico Santo Domingo Oriental. It would have worked even without an insurance, and was nothing but a positive experience. It was clean, they attended to us immediately and were great with Little A. Once we went to a hospital in the middle of the night because Litle A had fallen off a chair. It was called Centro Medico Integral II and they were also clean and efficient. After moving to Cabrera Little A got otitis (in both ears, we found out). We quickly went to the town hospital but didn’t feel good about it. At the moment we were there everything was dirty, blood on the sheets and so many sick people we didn’t want Little A there. In the end we decided to just leave for Sto Dgo and go directly to a doctor that was recommended to us by family at Centro Medico Otorrino which is on the west side of the bridge not far from Caribe Tours.

Hospiten kids waiting room
Hospiten kids waiting room

They were just finishing construction on a new hospital just a couple of minutes from our apartment on Av. Charles de Gaulle. Since the Children’s Hospital (Hospital Pediatrico Dr. Hugo Mendoza – which looked very nice) wasn’t open we chose to have all our hospital visits on the west side. Little A’s first ever dentist appointment was in Naco at Plaza Intercaribe. We had all our shots in Clinica Abreu down by the malecon (directions). It’s pretty small with a little kid’s table with a few toys set up in a corner. But it’s just by the park Eugenio María de Hostos so you can go out and play afterwards. Right across the avenue is Plaza Juan Baron that has lots of fun things for kids to do.

A few times we had checkups at Hospiten in La Julia (I think), which hosts a great children’s waiting room with sofas, tv, a few games and tables and chairs for the little ones. The only other time we went to a clinic on the east side was when we visited Profamilia with Little A, but they took such a long time we eventually left and went to Hospiten instead.

All tests have to be done at a laboratory. I remember when I was sick once in Buenos Aires, I had to go to another part of the hospital – but still in the same building – with my blood samples and tests myself. In Santo Domingo though, you have to go to a laboratory that isn’t even directly connected to the hospital (in my experience, at least). They are also private and can be found all over the city. We usually went to the ones called Amadita (because they came recommended by family and there were so many to choose from), they would do the tests and then give you the results to take back to your doctor (no running around with your own samples at least).

The one place I know of that does have its own laboratory, is Instituto Dermatologico, which is another excellent institute.

We only had positive experiences going to the hospitals in Sto Dgo. They were all nice, clean facilites with great staff. I hope you will only have positive experiences as well.

When I went to my dentist in Gazcue I had to go to Centro Medico Bella Artes for the xrays
When I went to my dentist in Gazcue I had to go to Centro Medico Bella Artes for the xrays

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