Getting there…

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’re on your way to a new place and you just know it will be an adventure? While we were on the plane for Santo Domingo, having hugged our families goodbye at the airport, I had that feeling. For me it was part nervousness,  part joy and part queziness. Because along with moving to a whole new place I had only visited for two weeks a couple of years earlier, I had a 10 month old baby in my lap who rarely slept. Which meant that I was constantly exhausted. Add that to the mix of moving across continents and you’ll get a pretty shaky mama.

Little A enjoying the balcony in Brisas del Rio after a cold bath
Little A enjoying the balcony in Brisas del Rio after a cold bath

After only a few days in the new city, Little A got dehydrated. He passed out briefly and threw up what little liquid we could get him to drink. The Dominican Republic suffers from constant blackouts – which are scheduled, just to add to the confusion and stress of this new mami. Better neighborhoods have few blackouts, but not even the ones that are called 24/7 zones are free from them. Water supply is not a certainty either. We were getting 4 hours of electricity, then 4 without, and so on for the whole day. My husband’s tía (aunt) who was living with us knew the schedule by heart, but that didn’t help much when our little boy was suffering. So we had to find a clinic, and on the short walk there from the bus Little A fainted, which let us slip into the doctor’s office immediately. No waiting, no nothing. They just saw our little guy all passed out in my arms and immediately got to work.

With orders of giving Little A as much Gatorade as he wanted until he was better, we knew we couldn’t stay in the apartment. Little A needed constant electricity (remember that we moved during the caribbean summer from Viking land), so we decided to stay at a cheap hotel until Mr P and Abuelo could fix an inversor – a backup that turns on as soon as the blackouts start. Which is how I ended up spending my first few days in the DR in a hotel room in the middle of la Zona Universitaria. Mr P would be away fixing everything that needed to be fixed, bringing us pica pollo, fruit and more Gatorade. LIttle A was better after a couple of days, and then we could finally move into our new home…

The view from our hotel in Zona Universitaria
The view from our hotel in Zona Universitaria

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