We were really only supposed to visit friends in Malmö; Sweden’s third largest city. You’d think we’d be completely beat after almost 4 hours on a bus with our 9 month old son, but he has proven to be the easiest baby to travel with (or is he a toddler already?). He charms most of the other passengers and plays with them until he needs a nap.

So when we arrived in Malmö and our friend Monica suggested we’d take a 20 minute or so train ride to Copenhagen, Denmark, we quickly answered yes. I haven’t been in Copenhagen since I was about 14 years old, and the only thing I remembered was that I can’t understand Danish – at all!

The first thing that hit me when coming out of the Central Station was all the different smells – perfumes, food, desserts… So many people on the streets, so many sounds – I couldn’t have been happier (I love big cities, and although Copenhagen really isn’t that big, it feels so much more continental than any Swedish town – but that tells you more about Sweden than Copenhagen, really) – until I saw KFC! (I can’t help it, I have a soft spot for junk food from the US… And KFC still hasn’t made its way to Sweden). Little A got to stay close to dad in the baby carrier, and still was awake for the whole trip!

Since I’m no longer breastfeeding I could enjoy a beer (the first in I don’t know how long since I hardly ever drank alcohol even before I was pregnant) with the others close to Strøget (one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets). This is also where you’ll find the largest shopping area, and since I love makeup and other beauty products I ran into Sephora (which I now know they also have in Malmö) before they closed.

I love spontaneous trips but have rarely had the time or money to just skip town in a heart beat – this trip (that was our first outside the country as a family) was great, and I’m looking forward to visiting Copenhagen again!